College Recruitment

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Don't Listen to The Naysayers... There are college programs for every level of club swimmer.

Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Reach Your College Swimming Dreams!

1) Don't wait! Get started setting up your online footprint your sophomore year.


2) Do not expect schools to magically find you. I have had National team swimmers who did not get recruited. Advocate for yourself. Send an introduction letter to coaches at schools you are interested in attending.

3) Create an online presence.

Websites like~

are great places to gather information

& be noticed!

4) Have your coaches & teachers write letters of recommendation on your behalf to submit to schools & Programs.

5) *Remember* You choose the school as much as they choose you. This is a huge decision & Recruitment is exciting! don't get swept into a bad decision. Do not commit to a school if they aren't a good academic fit. The most important consideration is to make sure it is a team you will thrive on.

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